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Frequently Asked Questions for Existing Subscribers

Service and Support

I want to add more devices to my Plainsnet internet connection. What do I do?
Answer: Find the line that comes from the antenna, and follow that to where it plugs into a short 3-inch black cable, which in turn plugs into another device. If that final device is a computer, you may need to purchase a wireless router in order to connect more than one device. If that device is a router, then you should already have the ability to connect more than one device.

I would like faster service. What should I do?
Answer: Plainsnet offers a one-week trial of any package to our current subscribers. Just call us to try a higher speed.

What are some steps I can do myself to troubleshoot my internet connection?
Answer: 1. If you have a router, unplug the power to your router so that all the lights turn off on it, then wait for about thirty seconds before plugging it back in, then wait for another thirty seconds for it to fully boot. Try the internet.

2. Still not working? On the back of your router or computer, find our cable. It will be a short, three-inch black cable ending in a little box, with another cable connected to that box. Unplug the cable from that little box, then plug it back in; this resets our equipment. Wait for about thirty seconds to one minute, then try the internet again.

4. Still not working? If you have a router, ensure the short three-inch black cable is plugged into the "Internet" or "WAN" port on the back of your router. There should be 5 ports on the back of your router, and 1 one of them should be separate from the other 4; that one is the internet port.

5. Still not working? If you have a router, bypass the router by taking that short three-inch black cable from your router and plugging it into your computer instead (ensure the other cable is still plugged into the little box after you connect it to your computer).

Feel free to call us at any time.

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